The Oceania Golf Players Association (OGPA) represents the collective interests of all professional golfers associated with the Oceania region.

OGPA Foundational Principles

1. The entire playing group should make decisions about issues that affect it.

2. PGA and WPGA Tour Management should negotiate with the playing group to set the rules, terms and conditions that apply to the playing group.

3. The playing group should control and own their association — the OGPA — which advances their collective interests according to its Mission and these Foundational Principles. 

You are eligible to join if you are;

  • A professional golfer (male or female) who is any of the following:
    • From Oceania
    • Living in Oceania
    • Associated in any way with professional tournament golf in Oceania

Our goal is to work with the Tours as a collective group of players to improve working conditions and ensure professional golf is robust and sustainable in Oceania.

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