Our philosophy on Membership dues:

  • Membership dues are needed to ensure the OGPA has financial capacity to undertake activities in support of our Mission. In our early development, Membership dues will provide all OGPA income.
  • Today, every member of the Board and OGPA Team are volunteers. All costs to date, including the cost of legal incorporation, logo development, website development, and administrative costs has been borne by the initial six founding members. This is not sustainable as we grow.
  • As with other prominent player’s associations, as the OGPA grows, dues will be a component of the revenue used to support a wide variety of programs or activities, including preparation for and legal representation during collective bargaining
  • However, consistent with our commitment to transparency, our members will have full access to all financial information, including all sources and amounts of revenue and detailed expenses, including staff salaries (if any) and marketing expenses
  • Guidelines for assessing Membership dues:
    • The OGPA Constitution mandates that the majority of the Board of Directors be comprised of active, dues-paying Player-Members. The Board will set Membership dues at its annual budget meeting.
    • The OGPA Constitution also mandates that only Professional Players can be Shareholders in the Corporation. Any proposal to increase dues by more than 10% year-over-year will be voted on by the Shareholders (Player-Members) at the annual general meeting of shareholders
    • The OGPA will seek to use all other sources of annual revenue before turning to Membership dues
    • Membership dues will be periodically benchmarked against those of similar Associations.
    • Any proposal to increase dues over 10% year over year will be voted on by the Members

In sum, if you are a member and want to see the financial accounts, just ask in writing. We’ll prepare them and send you an update.

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