The NFL Players Association (NFLPA)

The NFL Players Association is the largest player’s association in the world, founded in 1956 the NFLPA has championed players rights all over the world. As part of their mission they also support smaller associations and unions globally to make sure players have their say.

The NFLPA has been an early and heavy supporter of the OGPA and continues to support the members in any way they can.

Cutter & Buck

Established in 1990, Cutter & Buck is revered by athletes for its high-quality products across golf, collegiate and professional sports. The brand also has partnerships or licenses with the NFL, NCAA, MLB, PGA of America, USGA, PGA TOUR and USTA. 

Cutter & Buck are the first official sponsor of the OGPA. They provide discounts to members, amazing gear to the OGPA team, product for the OGPA store, and are officially sponsoring the OGPA Player of the Year award open exclusively to OGPA members.

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